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Study: Half of consumers spend more with personalized experience

53% of consumers said it’s also important that retailers recognize them as the same person across all channels and devices they use to shop.

9 Ways to Create a Successful Multichannel Customer Experience

Integrate online reviews (and other user-generated content) into your in-store signage to heighten consumer interest

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Redefining Omnichannel: Put the Consumer at the Center

A recent MyBuys and e-tailing group survey found that 52% of shoppers realize they buy more with cross-channel personalization

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HSN Tops e-commerce List

Top retailers continue to invest to ensure their digital experiences remain strong

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E-retailers Deliver Holiday Orders Faster and Make Returns Easier

Excellent customer service is crucial today when “efficiency is an expectation and choice non-negotiable

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7 Retailers Rise to the Occasion for Customer Service Excellence

In today’s omnichannel climate and amid heightened consumer expectations, customer service can serve as both and expected yet important differentiator

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Home Depot, Zappos, Office Depot among online customer service leaders

The number of business days to receive the product, based on a choice of ground shipping, improved to 3.42 days, down from 3.8 in the prior year.

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Brands Missing Their Chance to ‘Get’ Us

According to The E-Tailing Group 41% of people said they purchase more from retailers that send personalized emails based on past browsing and buying behavior.

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What Are the Greatest Challenges Facing Retailers in 2015?

Consistency of shopping experiences is vital to shopper satisfaction.

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How Do Product Recommendations Influence Buyer Behavior?

77% of online shoppers admit to have made additional purchases based on personalized product recommendations

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