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Omnichannel Execution Unrealized

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Based on our 20-year indexing track record, the e-tailing group is working in conjunction with B2C Partners, an ecommerce management consulting firm for traditional retailers and brand manufacturers, to develop an omni-channel index and research knowledge base.

Research Goal

The goal of this research will be to provide a “consumer facing” evaluation of shopping experiences along with a methodology for retailers to assess their performance via a series of tools created by the e-tailing group, pioneers of mystery shopping online.   This inaugural survey will become an annual vehicle to measure changing consumer behavior in the omnichannel shopping world. We will complement this with in-store experiences where a 30-store index of omnichannel shopping will be made available in the coming months.

Research Components

Consumer Research Survey

A 15-question online consumer survey of 1106 shoppers was completed in March, 2015. Respondents were evenly split by gender, had made shopping purchases both online and in a physical store in the past 6 months and owned a smartphone.

Survey Topics

    • Cross Channel Consistency
    • Inventory Transparency
    • Cross-channel Information Access
    • In-Store Use of Technology


B2C Partners


The Research/Reward Dynamics of Online Shopping

Brief Brief I
Brief Brief II
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For the past five years the e-tailing group, with sponsorship from Power Reviews, has investigated the role of customer reviews, trending that behavior and social shopping to keep pace with consumer activity.

2011 has been a volatile year for ecommerce with a multitude of dynamics in play from social media and community to mobile. Aware of these changes, in this year’s survey we explored consumer utilization of user-generated content across a range of merchants and channels to understand perception, interest, and propensity to buy based on that engagement, as reported in Brief I.

Secondly we sought to comprehend the consumer’s level of interest in community, at retail and across the web. We wanted to know the implications for researching and shopping behavior, particularly as it relates to Facebook, which is the beneficiary of much of the community attention.  That portion of the study and our findings are shared in Brief II.

What’s Included:

  • Findings from the joint e-tailing group/PowerReviews Social Shopping Survey of over 1,000 consumers who have purchased online, April 2011
  • Applicable e-tailing group proprietary research statistics
  • Food-for-thought questions followed by supporting questions for in-depth insights

Table of Contents – Brief I

  1. Thoughts from the Author
  2. Survey Methodology and Demographics
  3. Product Researching
  4. User-Generated Content
  5. Stay Tuned – Brief II: The Facebook Factor
  6. About Companies

Table of Contents – Brief II

  1. Thoughts from the Author
  2. Retail Communities
  3. The Facebook Factor
  4. On the Horizon
  5. About the Companies


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