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Prioritizing Personalization for Growth

Personalization has long been a promise of the Internet however its execution among the merchant community has not yet met the elevated expectations of consumers. This white paper takes a two-pronged approach, sharing merchants’ qualitative insights about the topic via commentary from individual interviews, in conjunction with a quantitative survey completed by 130 merchants in late 2011.

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Top 500 E-Retailers Launch a Preemptive Strike on Holiday Sales

If consumers are confused about when the online Thanksgiving shopping season officially begins and ends, the timing is crystal clear to many online retailers.

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Website Features That Influence Shoppers: 10 Indicators And 3 Lessons

According to an October 2011 survey by the e-tailing group, an organization that studies online retail trends, shoppers are influenced by 10 key website features: shipping, returns, sales, coupons, discounts, rewards, time-sensitive deals, bulk savings, and bonus with purchase

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Marketers Seek More Resources to Improve Strategies

Almost 1 in 5 marketers say the most important factor to elevating their current marketing strategy is increased resources such as staffing and funding,

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Return on Marketing Divestment: When Is It Time to Let Go?

Lauren Freedman and the e-tailing group asked 110 retailers how they are likely to allocate their 2012 digital marketing budget.

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Discounts Benefitting Companies’ Facebook Presence

Research from The E-tailing Group found that the prospect of a discount or deal drives 63 per cent of consumers to ‘like’ the retailer’s official Facebook page.

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Free Shipping Most Important Site Promotion

73% of consumers rate unconditional free shipping as a top 2 very important or critical feature when making a purchase from a website, according to [download page] an October 2011 study from the e-tailing group.

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Retailers Committed To Search, Email, SEO In ’12

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The survey of 110 leading retailers, done by the E-tailing Group, an e-commerce consulting company and sponsored by Bronto Software, also found an intense effort among stores to improve their data analytics, in order to nail down the most profitable channels and adjust their marketing mix accordingly.

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Discounts Drive Consumers to Like a Retailer on Facebook

The prospect of a deal or discount drives 63% of consumers to Like the Facebook page of a retailer or manufacturer.

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The Keys to Online Sales: Search Results, Localization and Free Shipping

Online shoppers increasingly look to search results and local product availability when considering purchases, according to a new report from research and advisory firm The E-tailing Group Inc..

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