3rd Annual MyBuys/E-Tailing Group Consumer Survey-Building for Personalized Selling

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Over the past three years MyBuys has commissioned the e-tailing group to gauge consumer sentiments surrounding personalized merchandising by gathering both the historical perspective and monitoring trends that ultimately shift selling dynamics.

In April, 2010 an online questionnaire was fielded to 1,021 consumers who have shopped online four or more times in the past year spending more than $250 via e-commerce in that period. We sought to include a broader range of younger consumers as social media was introduced in this year’s study.

Consumer acceptance of personalized selling coupled with successful merchant deployment across almost every category clearly suggests that the foundation has been laid for broader personalized merchandising.

Seizing the opportunity beyond the site, taking advantage of marketing that includes social media, and retargeting will soon be standard among savvy sellers. The tools that automate such experiences will be key drivers for personalized merchandising.

This white paper shares the findings of our 2010 research and includes a visual guide that showcases a series of examples in support of our recommendations concluding with a checklist for best-in-class execution.

Table of Contents

Part I: The Foundation For Personalized Selling

  1. Introduction
  2. Methodology
  3. Key Research Conclusions
  4. Top-Line Learning Sets the Stage for Tomorrow’s Growth
  5. The Product Page
  6. Post-Order and Email Experiences


  1. The Promise of Personalization Arrives
  2. Social and Sharing
  3. Moving Beyond Post-Order Communication
  4. the e-tailing group Personalized Merchandising Checklist



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