Five Web Strategies for Gaining Market Share in a Rough and Tumble Economy

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The goal of this white paper is to share thoughts and perspective in this time of conspicuous non-consumption. It includes an overview of the state of e-commerce then delves into five strategies for maintaining and gaining market share during this rough economy including: better resource allocation, global branding, category-centric merchandising, confidence building content, and white glove service.

The e-tailing group’s 8th Annual Merchant Survey, fielded in the first quarter of 2009, yields insights from 195 merchants relative to industry benchmarks and peer perspectives on cross-channel challenges, planned strategic initiatives, top performing merchandising tactics, and customer service opportunities.

Highlights include 12 tables and charts plus 44 best-in-class website and email examples illustrate how merchants are truly using the web to maximize growth opportunities and gain traction beyond traditional channels.

What’s Included

  • Introduction
  • Profile of 8th Annual Merchant Survey Respondents
  • Merchants Optimize to Profit in Turbulent Times: Merchant Survey Top-Line Findings
  • Better Resource Allocation
  • Global Branding
  • Category-Centric Merchandising
  • Confidence-Building Content
  • White Glove Service
  • Conclusion and Checklist
  • About the e-tailing group
  • About Demandware



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