The Personalized Product Recommendations Value Proposition – A Practical Guide to a Positive Selling and Shopping Experience

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2009 marks the second year that MyBuys and the e-tailing group have surveyed consumers to track how they relate to and use personalized product recommendations (PPRs). As part of that effort, we looked at several questions on a historical basis to understand any shifts in the consumer’s mind. Our research focus begins with personalized product recommendations positioning, favored messaging, and the role of email communication from cart abandonment to triggered email as averting abandonment and converting carts is even more critical today.

Beyond providing an enlightening consumer perspective, this report also includes relevant highlights from e-tailing group’s proprietary research. The 8th Annual Merchant Survey, fielded in the first quarter of 2009, supplies insights from 195 merchants while the 11th Annual Mystery Shopping Study (4Q ‘08) details tactical implementation. Together these three components and a cadre of compelling examples yield a practical guide with actionable ideas to help merchants deliver a positive personalized selling and shopping experience.

What’s Included

Research Sets the Stage for Merchant Opportunities

  • Introduction
  • Top-Line Findings
  • Consumer And Merchant Insights
    • Consumer Insights: The Perception of Personalized Experiences
    • Merchant Research-Highlights from the e-tailing group’s 8th Annual Merchant Survey

Guide to Giving Consumers the Savvy Shopping Experiences They Seek

  • Locating, Messaging and Merchandising PPRs Based on Consumer Preference
    • Start with Messaging
    • Determine Appropriate Locations
    • Merchandise within Recommendations
  • Taking Advantage of Post-Order Positioning – Where Merchants Place and Customers Expect to Receive PPRs
  • Testing Triggered Email including Cart Abandonment Strategies
  • The e-tailing group’s Checklist for Strategic PPRs
  • About the e-tailing group
  • About MyBuys



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