Holiday 2010: Cautious, Price-Conscious Shoppers Chart a Cross-Channel Course

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Press Release 1.26.10


Our annual consumer survey to get a pulse on holiday spending intentions was conducted via an online questionnaire completed September 2010 by 1,004 adults (45% male / 55% female) who have shopped online four times or more in the last year, spending $250+.

A webinar PPT, audio link and press release present statistics in support of the following topline findings.

Topline Findings

  • Consumers are cautious given the economic climate; spending appears flat and savvy budgeting top-of-mind
  • The online channel sees increases in consumer share-of-wallet; it continues to play a central role in both previewing and purchasing gifts
  • Merchants must be creative as almost half of shoppers will not pay full price this holiday season; shipping and free returns are customer favorites
  • Shoppers have a cross-channel mindset with convenience and finding hard to find products topping the list of why they head online while also seeking the seasonal in-store experience
  • Customer buying patterns change as web efficiencies, timely delivery, and digital formats fuel procrastination without penalty
  • Customer service and promotional elements are heavily favored by shoppers when seeking out merchants
  • Social plays an increasing role in shopping behavior
  • Mobile is in the early stages though a shift in mindset relative to the store’s role bodes well for their cross-channel mentality



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