the e-tailing group 13th Annual Mystery Shopping Study-Polished to Perform

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This study benchmarks 300 features on 100 B2C merchant websites that were mystery shopped in 4Q ’10. Our extensive summary highlights key metrics and trends from both a service and selling perspective. Throughout, the presence of each element is presented via a series of 14 categories including an industry-at-large perspective. Stellar merchants are identified from a merchandising and customer service perspective.

A comprehensive index of those features and their penetration is included for at-a-glance viewing. Execution checklists wrap up the report with a goal of elevating features to differentiate and drive dollars.


Table of Contents

  1. State of eCommerce/Introduction
  2. Methodology and Merchants
  3. Customer Service
  4. Merchandising
  5. Customer Experience Index
  6. About the e-tailing group
  7. Metrics Summary Chart

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