No Retreat! Investing in eCommerce, Despite the Times

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As daily headlines focus on the mortgage crisis, collapsed investment banks, high fuel prices, and tough retail sales, it is obvious that today’s current economic climate is challenging for many merchants. This also makes it timely to tackle tough issues surrounding eCommerce investment including how merchants are positioning their companies for growth while still addressing the bottom line.

To get the inside track and answers to questions like these, we sought out real experts from within the merchant community including:

  • Are you truly committed to eCommerce?
  • Are you concerned you don’t have the right investments planned?
  • Will you have the guts to make the necessary investments in the tough times?
  • Is your eCommerce hampered today based on your legacy systems?
  • Will you have the ability to evolve your multi-channel efforts in a timely fashion to keep pace with best-in-class merchants?

What’s Included

  • Introduction
  • Macro State of Retail
  • Defining Your Multi-Channel Strategy
  • Who is Driving Your Multi-Channel Strategy?
  • Investments in eCommerce are Strong Despite the Economy
  • Roadblocks to Success
  • Making a True Commitment to eCommerce
  • Moving Into the Execution Stage
  • Technology Prioritization Process
  • Executing Key Tactics
  • Readying Your Company for Performance


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