2nd Annual Mobile Commerce Mystery Shopping Study Report

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Description The goal of this comprehensive 53-page report is to keep abreast of the changing mobile landscape, tap into emerging trends, and share with the ecommerce industry any important benchmarks that shape the consumer-centric, mobile user experience. It presents an in-depth look at many current shopping behaviors while also providing a blueprint for executing best-in-breed mcommerce; keeping the customer top-of-mind. Findings from the 2nd Annual e-tailing group Mobile Commerce Mystery Shopping Study are based on iPhone experiences that benchmark 160 metrics on 50 sites (EG50) across 13 product categories. Features and functionality were reviewed including an exploration of the entire site through the checkout process to evaluate today’s user experience relative to these six consumer tasks:


Purchase the downloadable report for $795 via PayPal or contact Lauren Freedman for credit card payment (phone 773-975-7280) What’s Included
  • A statistical overview and comprehensive narrative of the state of the mobile commerce industry
  • Overview of the consumer objective supported by industry feedback and related findings from three proprietary e-tailing group 2011 research studies
    • 10th Annual Merchant Survey
    • e-tailing group/Coffee Table Smartphone/Tablet Owners Survey
    • 13th Annual Mystery Shopping Study
  • Survey findings presented within the context of six scenarios that illustrate what consumers want to accomplish via mobile
  • The Mobile Customer Experience Index is introduced, scoring mobile websites on a 100-point scale to understand how they stack-up against the EG50, direct competitors, and categories
  • Best-in-class merchant execution is highlighted with relevant examples shown
  • Bumps in the Road are identified followed by Road Tested Tips/Best Practices to help merchants excel in the mcommerce world
  • The report wraps up with a look at overall mobile shopping usability, factoring in branding, merchandising, promotions, product page presentation, and social initiatives
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Industry Insights – Merchant and Consumer Research Findings
  3. the e-tailing group’s 2nd Annual mCommerce Mystery Shopping Study
  4. Who Provides the Smoothest Ride? Top Performing Merchants
  5. What Does the Customer Want to Do via Mobile? Scenarios Illustrate Mobile Goals
  6. Find a Store Check Store Product Availability Search for Product Buy a Gift Make a Purchase Contact Customer Service
  7. Beyond the Scenarios Usability Merchandising Sophistication Evolving…Slowly Product Page Enhancements and Social
  8. The e-tailing group mCommerce Checklist-Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Appendix I:       Merchants Shopped Appendix II:      Survey Metrics Appendix III:      About the e-tailing group

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