Champagne Tastes and Caviar Dreams: A Global Look at Luxury

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By assessing a core group of retailers and brand manufacturers from the vantage point of the affluent customer, the goal of this comprehensive 66-page report is to provide an overview of how the luxury market is using the Internet and mobile devices for branding/selling with guidelines to help merchants deliver a sophisticated digital experience that drives engagement.

Findings from the e-tailing group Inaugural Luxury Mystery Shopping Study benchmark the luxury consumer experience shopping for apparel, home, and accessories, including jewelry. To that end, 289 metrics on 20 sites (EG20), representing both prestige retailers (8) and brand manufacturers (12), were evaluated and scored on everything from brand engagement through shopping efficiencies and merchandising inspiration to customer service integration.

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What’s Included

  • A statistical overview and comprehensive narrative of the state of the luxury market
  • Mystery Shopping statistical penetration of features and functionality aggregated by the EG20, manufacturers and retailers as well as a comparison to the EG100 from 4Q10
  • The Luxury Customer Experience Index is introduced, scoring the EG20 on a 100-point scale to understand how they stack-up against direct competitors, and categories
  • Best-in-class merchant execution is highlighted with relevant examples shown
  • Checklists throughout the report in the form of EG Pearls of Wisdom offer guidelines to help merchants excel in the world of luxury

Table of Contents

Section I:   Introduction

Section II:  the e-tailing group Embraces Luxury

Section III: the e-tailing group Inaugural Luxury Customer Experience Index

Section IV: Brand Manufacturers vs. Retailers: Top 10 Findings

  1. Branding
  2. Selling
  3. Customer Service

Section V:  Creating Digital Customer Experiences

  1. Branding
  2. Selling — The Site Experience
  3. Searching, Informing and Buying Products
  4. Closing The Sale: The Shopping Cart and Beyond
  5. Customer Service

Section VI:  Conclusion

Appendix I:   Merchants Shopped
Appendix II:  Metrics
Appendix III: About the e-tailing group

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