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While much has been written about consumption patterns, only minimal fodder has been shared about video’s potential for impacting retail shopping experiences. Given that scenario, the e-tailing group sought to understand the consumer perspective and rationale regarding their embrace of video with sponsorship from Invodo, a full service ecommerce video solution. We believe we are the first to jointly conduct a major consumer insight survey on this topic, where online 1,000 consumers explore onsite experiences, cross-channel usage and social embrace along with the myriad of devices that enable video access including smartphones and tablets.

Through this research, we move beyond the numbers and delve into the behavioral details of video consumption. These insights will help retailers make smarter investments; capturing consumer attention through compelling experiences that both inform and inspire shoppers.

What’s Included:

  • A myriad of information from consumer survey is encapsulated into five key findings
  • A series of examples brings video utilization to life on the product page, home page, and category page
  • A review of video beyond the site reveals interest in email, social channels, mobile and tablets


  1. Letter from the Author
  2. The Consumer Perspective: Survey Methodology and Demographics
  3. Top Line Findings
    1. Onsite
    2. Beyond the Site
  1. The Consumer Speaks: Five Top Video Insights

Insight #1: Consumers set the pace; they want, expect and watch video across retail browse and buy experiences.

Insight #2: Video plays a multi-faceted role and is ideal for building consumer confidence given its effectiveness in aiding decision-making.

Insight #3: Video quality matters.

Insight #4: While the product page receives the greatest attention, many locations merit video integration.

Insight #5: Beyond the site experiences receive substantial consumer attention

  1. Putting Video to Work for Your Business
  2. About the Companies
    1. About the e-tailing group
    2. About Invodo

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