Racing on the Technology Treadmill: Confronting the Pace of Change

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This white paper tackles the technology “pace of change” challenge in partnership with KalioCommerce, a full service SaaS offering specifically for emerging and mid-market online B2C and B2B companies. Some of their perspective is interwoven with the e-tailing group point-of-view gleaned from qualitative and quantitative research within the retail community.

A cross-section of retailers using in-house and outsourced solutions participated in one-on-one interviews to garner the “insider” perspective relative to confronting these dynamic elements with topics that include:

  • Platform position, challenges and desires
  • Technology demands and internal adeptness
  • Merchandising control and flexibility
  • eCommerce roadmaps and prioritization

Charted e-tailing group Merchant Survey Findings

  • Information on conversion trending
  • Initiatives to improve website performance
  • Product page essentials
  • Merchandising and customer service tactics for customer retention
  • Observations about personalization
  • The right data for successful marketing.

Food-for-Thought questions throughout the white paper pinpoint important issues that merchants need to discuss within their organizations and keep top-of-mind as decision-making takes place throughout the year.

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