Prioritizing Personalization for Growth

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Personalization has long been a promise of the Internet however its execution among the merchant community has not yet met the elevated expectations of consumers. This white paper takes a two-pronged approach, sharing merchants’ qualitative insights about the topic via commentary from individual interviews, in conjunction with a quantitative survey completed by 130 merchants in late 2011.

Success starts with small steps per a list of eight “not to be missed” in pursuit of personalization. These steps are a must read for any merchant already entrenched in personalization as well as those who may be bantering internally about the optimal solution for their business. The results are tangible from a monetary and consumer engagement perspective, the two critical components for driving businesses growth.

What’s Included:

  • Findings from a quantitative survey that explored the current state of personalization including:
    • Performance within merchant organizations
    • Opportunities and challenges that might prevent personalization from realizing its cross-channel potential
    • Its role in driving loyalty and bottom-line sales.
  • Data from proprietary e-tailing group research relative to personalization including the annual Merchant Survey and Mystery Shopping Study
  • “Eight Steps to Master Personalization” that emanated from merchant responses to a series of questions around unrealized opportunities, personalization roadmaps and what personalization nirvana would be for their company

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Survey Objectives and Methodology
  3. Reflections on Personalization
  4. Eight Steps to Mastering Personalization
    • Understand Personalization is a Process
    • Align Internally to Ensure Success
    • Foster a Personalization Culture
    • Listen to your Customers
    • Deliver an Experience that is Helpful
    • Put the Personal in Personalization
    • Apply a Cross-Channel Lens
    • Test, Measure, Evolve
  5. Final Thoughts

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