Metrics Therapy—Details, Dashboards and Diligence

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This white paper, sponsored by Baynote, examines how merchants are thinking about metrics today, and futuristically. A cross-section of retailers discussed a range of topics including the metrics most important for running their businesses and whether, for analysis purposes, senior management focused on the same or other statistics beyond those being used by business units.

Starting with the dynamics of conversion and the average order size, quantitative findings from our 2012 Merchant Survey are integrated while qualitative color commentary provides a broader perspective on these key metrics and the behavior shifts being seen among those surveyed.

Highlights Include

  • What are the five most important metrics for running your business and why?
  • Is profitability your most critical metric?
  • How are KPIS including conversion, revenue, AOV and others trending across the merchant community?
  • Do you have the business intelligence you need to make wise decisions?
  • Do you have a playbook that aligns goals and is focused on taking action?
  • Are you measuring emerging metrics to support mobile, social and cross-channel growth?

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