Taking Your Brand Beyond The Web – And Why You Need To Do It Now

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This white paper, sponsored by zMags, explores current market dynamics including Holiday‘11 performances with an emphasis on the explosion of devices and available channels that are connecting consumers. In particular, we believe 2012 will be the “Year of the Tablet” as merchants see significant traffic, commensurate revenue and conversion rates, causing them to pay attention to couch consumers and their corresponding behavior patterns.

Throughout we will incorporate questions that marketers must consider to be current in today’s engagement arena. We will also integrate highlights from proprietary     e-tailing group research, along with zMags and industry research in support of market trends and related dynamics.

Highlights Include

  • “Curating the Customer” showcase representing a cross-section of retail channels and categories
  • Multi-dimensional lookbooks that take on new meaning for both retailers and their customers
  • e-tailing group checklist for guiding connected customers through discovery

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