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“All key indicators are up, and we expect mobile sites to continue their rapid evolution in order to meet the customer’s omni-channel expectations that include efficiencies, cross channel access and merchandising consistent with the best-of-the-web,” observes Lauren Freedman, President of the e-tailing group. The goal of our 3rd Annual Mobile Mystery Shopping Study was to follow this evolution as the gap between channels narrows, sharing with the ecommerce industry important benchmarks that shape the customer-centric, mobile user experience.

The Methodology
Based on our audit of 168 metrics on 50 mobile sites (EG M50), the mobile shopping experience has shown strong improvements in overall efficiency of the experience with more consistent cross-channel branding and evolved merchandising, coupled with a proliferation of promotional tactics. A more direct connection between the mobile customer and their closest store location facilitates shopping the customer’s way.

Mobile Customer Experience Index
For the 2nd consecutive year, in conjunction with our 3rd Annual Mobile Mystery Shopping Study, we created the Mobile Customer Experience Index, which leverages quantitative analysis to uniquely understand how mobile merchants stack-up against the 50 mobile websites in the e-tailing group study (EG M50). Mobile websites were scored on a 100-point scale based on an assessment of metrics on five key pages, presence and execution of vital merchandising tactics, along with accessible and effective customer service. Our scoring emphasizes what shoppers truly want and need to shop via mobile. Last year only five sites studied achieved a score of 80+ on our 100-point scale. This year that number doubled to 10 with the overall Customer Experience Index score increasing from 64.56 to 71.53­ — a significant 11% increase in these early days of mobile. One of the sites, REI, was recognized for the past two years as a top mobile performer and is still on our top-ten list. Kudos for the stellar execution!







Key Page Kick Starters
Shared below are additional observations from our 3rd Annual Mobile Mystery Shopping Study. We highlight key pages and show their importance as the “chassis” or foundation of a positive mobile experience. Merchant examples showcase exemplary execution from our most recent study, with trophy-worthy messaging, functionality, merchandising tactics and promotional strategies.

On Your Mark, Get Set…Go!-The Home Page
The home page is the “first impression” and sets the tone for the remainder of the mobile shopping experience.

Shoppers at 1-800 Flowers can hit the ground running with a home page that affords quick entrance into some of the top giftable categories. Notable features include:

  • Colorful and appealing visual presentation that artfully uses icons for emphasis
  • Gift finder that enables browsing by recipient zip code, occasion and desired send date
  • “Featured Collections” for shoppers on-the-move who need quick gift suggestions
  • Prominent purple click-to-call button that quickly connects the shopper with a customer service agent
  • “Best Retail Mobile Site” award instills shopper confidence
  • Facebook and Twitter icons that encourage social engagement

Heaping on the Horsepower-The Category Page
Effectively leverage the category page to draw customers in; it is a “gateway” to the merchandise customers are seeking and eventually might purchase.

Bath & Body Works puts the category page to work as a vehicle for category-centric merchandising and promotions:

  • Sub-categories are enhanced with attractive graphics
  • Expandable interface keeps page streamlined
  • A variety of promotions are offered from $5 candles to those that encourage multi-unit sales
















Providing a Profitable Pit Stop-The Product Page
A comprehensive product page should intrigue with engaging product enhancements and entice with relevant recommendations that encourage shoppers to buy more.

Best Buy’s product page includes features that support the decision-making process and ultimately convert customers.

  • Features of multiple products can be compared
  • Product can be enlarged for a closer look
  • Product details can be shared and added to a wish list for future consideration
  • Messaging addresses stock positioning and expected shipping time-frames
  • “Special Offers” are highlighted
  • Cross-channel shopping is promoted by enabling shoppers to find the product in a store location and to ultimately “Pick It Up”
  • Relevant recommendations can be directly added to the cart and are positioned to increase AOV
  • Customer-centric product ratings instill buyer confidence

Checkered Flag Completion-The Cart
With more merchants implementing a stepped checkout or collapsible cart interface combined with the greater integration of product recommendations and the overall increase in the checkout rating, it is clear that strides have been made that improve the mobile checkout process.

Staples’ shoppers encounter an unusually feature-rich shopping cart.

  • Product recommendations are kept well-organized and accessible with an expandable interface; the most relevant items are prominently displayed and can be quickly added to the existing shopping cart
  • With this message, “Did you know that Staples now offers delivery to stores?” cross-channel awareness is elevated and a visit to the store encouraged
  • Contrasting text draws attention to promotional offers plus shipping and delivery messaging

Pit Crew Assist-Customer Service
Sundance presents a customer service page that includes:

  • Comprehensive ordering, shipping, return and payment information
  • An integrated guarantee
  • The ability to request a catalog

The Checklist
By viewing the best-in-class merchant examples above and answering the questions below, ask yourself, “What can my organization do to close the cross-channel gap and provide an optimal, customer-centric, mobile user experience.

  • Are your site’s key pages indeed the “chassis” of your mobile channel?
  • Do you create a, flawless, omni-channel experience with branded messaging, visual merchandising, promotional offers and rich content?
  • Can customers find it fast through relevant refinement options and keyword searches?
  • Do you regularly implement site improvements and test them for usability and performance?

The Mobile Merchants

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