Engage Consumers & Increase Buyer Readiness Through Customer-Centric Marketing

MyBuys eBook
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Press Release 02.27.13


In this e-book, MyBuys and the e-tailing group partnered to conduct primary research focused on consumer reaction and perception to customer-centric marketing approaches. The study based on 1108 consumers entitled “How Multi-Channel Personalization Impacts Shopper Attitudes and Buying Behavior” focused on learning more about:

  • Why consumers purchase and don’t purchase
  • What consumers do next when they don’t purchase
  • Consumer awareness and opinion of online personalization of their shopping experience
  • Whether customer-centric marketing drives more sales
  • Consumer willingness to share data to improve their shopping experience
  • Year-over-year trending of personalization data

What You Will Learn

  1. What Exactly Is Customer-Centric Marketing?
  2. Why Consumers Acknowledge and Appreciate Customer-Centric Marketing
  3. How Customer-Centric Marketing Drives Conversions, Purchase Frequency and Engagement
  4. Consumer Willingness to Share Data in Exchange for Personalization
  5. The Consumer “Readiness” Factor
  6. Interaction with Consumers via Every Channel and Preferred Means of Contact
  7. Continuing the Conversation—Post-Visit Interaction Opportunity
  8. Best Practices to Engage Consumers and Increase Buyer Readiness



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