Live Chat Effectiveness: 2013

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This report, the fifth in a series concludes that customer engagement is going multi-channel where consumers take a “solve my problem now” mentality to customer service. This year’s survey was fielded to an international sample of 4700 strong in January, 2013 where our emphasis was on 4 communication channels that included email, call center, chat and social. In-depth analysis of each was conducted where open-ended questions provided color commentary on the consumer perspective.  Caution signs and industry wisdom enhance the results reminding retailers to be vigilant in their review of current customer service performance.

What’s Included:

Five key findings, suggested by the data, are explored using a combination of survey statistics and qualitative feedback from respondents to illustrate salient points.

#1: It’s a multi-channel communications world.
#2: Social Media as a sales and support channel cannot be denied
#3: Ignore email at your own peril
#4: Live chat remains strong and continues to have loyal fans
#5: Geography matters



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