No One Reads: Storytelling & Selling Through Video




Surprise! No one reads. Have you heard this before? It’s widely known that the majority of people are visual or auditory learners, while only 1 in 10 learn best by reading. Actually, it’s impressive that you’ve made it to this point – take a quick break for a cat video if you need one.

Video is a form of content that many are adopting in an attempt to boost their product beyond just a picture. It’s a smart move that takes advantage of the fact that broadband penetration, combined with smartphone and tablet adoption, puts video at the fingertips of most online shoppers. How, we wondered, can we find out how retailers prioritize and plan video initiatives?

We went with the simple approach – we asked them. The e-tailing group reached out to the retail community to bring forth their experience with and opinions of video.

What’s Included:

  • Discussions with 20 executives from major brands and multi-channel retailers
  • An exploration of evolving video strategies and the range of retail scenarios from testing to optimization
  • Insights into how retailers are leveraging video from the product page and website to mobile and social channels
  • Retailer’s thoughts and experiences with consumer video adaptation, how to best implement and measure video, the incremental sales they achieved, and the lessons they learned along the way

Table Of Contents 

I. Introduction/Background
II. Video is a Content Standard
III. Consumers Drive Video Growth
IV. Brands Bolster Direct-to-Consumer and Channel Partnerships Via Video
V. Retailers Test and Optimize
VI. Video Empowers Shoppers to Purchase
VII. Optimization Starts with the Product Page
VIII. Mobile/Social/Store See Changing Dynamics
IX. Lesson Learned
X. Summary
XI. About the Companies
XII. Sources



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