Mobile Momentum: Highlights from the 2013 Research & Buying Behavior Survey

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Press Release 09.30.2013


Local Corporation’s Krillion Shopping Platform, in partnership with e-tailing group, released its second annual Mobile Local Shopper study, exploring the continued evolution of the mobile local shopper, with emphasis on pre-purchase research and buying behaviors. The report explores how and where consumers access mobile devices for shopping throughout the path to purchase, both in pre-purchase research and in-store. The report also gauges shopper dependence on key information resources and consumer conveniences provided by retail and brand marketers through various channels with tips and recommendations for capturing mobile shoppers throughout the “local” store path to purchase.

Research Methodology and Process:

Our online survey of 1005 consumers was completed in August, 2013 and was evenly split across gender lines. All respondents were pre-qualified for smartphone ownership and had shopped at least several times per month online spending at least $250 annually. From a demographic standpoint, a cross-section of consumers by age that aligned with the Internet population was utilized where 45% earned $75K or more and 55% had at least a college education while 54% had children in the household.


  • Smartphone users do their homework in advance of local store visits where research is top-of-mind
  • Consumers accelerate smartphone usage and are active and aggressive in the research and pursuit of shopping needs
  • Smartphones are multi-purpose arming shoppers with knowledge they need providing access to store information, pricing, email and apps to ultimately foster local decision-making
  • Year-over-year interest and use of smartphones accelerates at an astounding rate
  • Path to purchase funnel finds shoppers conducting certain types of behavior at distinct times in hopes of expediting their shopping via smartphone
  • Top time-savers that make for more efficient shopping experiences
  • Proliferation of smartphones sees shoppers often using 2 devices to complete their shopping
  • Shoppers gravitate to channels on their perceived strengths and use in conjunction with one another or across channels


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