Personalization Finally Comes Of Age; Consumers Force The Agenda

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In this e-book, MyBuys and the e-tailing group partnered to explore personalization from both the retail lens and the consumer perspective. We hoped to trend personalization and marketing techniques that impact shopper attitudes and buying behavior across channels and devices.

From the retail point-of-view the 2014 e-tailing group Annual Merchant Survey (completed by more than 100 retailers) reveals that retailers are finally prioritizing personalization agendas where 1-in-3 retailers are pursuing a 1:1 vision.

Mobile device proliferation and social networks have further complicated these efforts as shoppers expect that retailers will possess a single view of their customers in order to consistently deliver and tailor marketing across every channel. The challenge from the retail perspective however is that only 7% report that they can recognize the same consumer across devices all of the time.

Our 6th Annual MyBuys/e-tailing group Consumer Research reports the findings of 1008 consumers entitled “How Multi-Channel Personalization Impacts Shopper Attitudes and Buying Behavior” addressing the following topics:

  • Consumer Confidence Builders
  • Mobile/Channel Proliferation
  • Personalization/Data Sharing

As the competitive landscape becomes even more challenging, we believe knowing your customers as individuals will best position your brand for future success.

What You Will Learn

Retail Lens

  • Top retail personalization strategies and corresponding kpis
  • Retail’s ability to deliver against consumer expectations surrounding personalization
  • The retailer’s personalization vision and execution report card

Consumer Perspective

  • Shopper readiness factors
  • Consumer decision-making when selecting retailers
  • Mobile device usage and omni-channel behavior
  • Consumer expectations surrounding personalization
  • Gender and age differentials regarding personalization

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