Your Site Experience is Old School: How to Meet the Modern Shoppers’ Demands

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Shoppers are bored and often uninspired where a need for new technology to aid shoppers in product discover and navigation is long overdue.

Compare Metrics, in conjunction with the e-tailing group, recently conducted in-person usability sessions with 33 consumers to get an explicit view of how they shop in stores and online, getting to the heart of what they like and dislike about each channel. Not surprisingly, the majority of these shoppers were moving more of their purchasing online.

Key Research Takeaways:

  • 47% of shoppers gave a “mixed bag” rating to the experience of searching for and finding the right product for them in stores
  • 67% of consumers go online to browse and window-shop for fun
  • 90% of shoppers spend the majority of their time shopping online when they know exactly what they want. But, a surprisingly high number (70%) also shop online often when they’re not sure exactly what they want
  • 83% of consumers find shopping and comparing products online more efficient than in a store, while 86% also find it just as much fun or more
  • 76% said searching for a product online is easier than asking a store associate for help, but they still find the store experience more personal

Interestingly, however, the resounding takeaway was that website experiences were predominantly overwhelming, lacking efficiencies and, well…just plain boring. Put simply, the shoppers were left uninspired and shopping carts were often left empty.

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