UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper™

Whitepaper Whitepaper


This year’s study goes beyond other retail industry studies to give a 360o perspective into consumer shopping. An extensive survey of 5849 respondents serves as the basis for this white paper. The scope has been expanded on key customer experience topics and now explores what drives the full consumer path to purchase.  It delivers insights into shopping preferences, current levels of satisfaction with online and omnichannel shopping, taking the consumer’s pulse on what tactics influence positive shopping experiences from pre-purchase to purchase to post-purchase. Featured throughout this study is a series of “Retail Watch” recommendations that can bolster retail sales.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
    1. Study Goals
    2. Methodology
    3. 2014 Research Focus Areas
    4. Key Takeaways: The Flex Shopper Emerges in Multi-Device, Multi-Channel World
  2. The Retail Landscape
    1. State of the Industry
    2. Mobile’s Emerging Impact
    3. Changing Store Dynamics
    4. Social Exerts Influence
  3. The Path to Purchase: Expectations and Satisfaction
    1. The Shopper and Their Mindset
    2. Pre-Shopping: Search and Browse
    3. Checkout and General Shipping Preferences
    4. Delivery and the Post-Purchase Experience
  4. Conclusion
    1. Reflections on the “Flex” Shopper




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