Are You Mobile-Minded Enough To Keep Your Customers Happy?

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A guide to mobile-engagement benchmarks and best practices for motivated retailers


Our joint goal was to move beyond survey results to provide real insights into mobile engagement and to assess how “mobile-minded” today’s retailers really are across all available touch-points. Through our mystery-shopping framework, the e-tailing group explored mobile engagement while effectively evaluating retailers and keeping the consumer perspective top- of-mind. With the concept of mobile-mindedness as our focus, we built a calculator serving as a benchmark allowing for a single unit of measurement across each channel.

This whitepaper will begin by sharing the methodology, mobile-minded calculators and the merchants that were part of our research along with the topline findings. From there, we will delve into the details looking at each touch-point or channel from a more tactical point-of-view. Included in this section will be what makes for a mobile-minded experience, along with the supporting stat packs and requirements for effective or exemplary engagement. Lastly, we will explore the deal breakers that may cause your customers to conduct business with your competitors

What’s Included

I. Are you mobile-minded enough to win with customers?
II: Where retailers stand today when it comes to mobile engagement: Touch-Point Tactical Analysis

  • Email
  • Call Center
  • Twitter
  • Live Chat

III. Calculating Your Own Mobile-Minded Readiness
IV. Improving Your Score

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