Consistent Personalization Everywhere Consumers Shop


Personalization has continued to evolve as savvy retailers push the envelope to better target their customers in hopes of delivering more relevant engagement across every channel. From sophisticated onsite execution, elevated targeted email and retargeting to in-store adoption via mobile devices and ereceipts, one can’t help but notice personalization’s evolved presence.

This report marks a seven-year collaboration between MyBuys and the e-tailing group and our research clearly shows that personalization is now an expectation rather than a desire, and when not present, frustration ensues. Our goal once again is to evolve personalization for every customer and every retailer willing to tackle the tough questions that are on the minds of both consumers and their retail partners in this arena. This report reveals the findings of 1004 consumers addressing the following topics:

  • Introduction and Survey Objectives
  • Methodology and Sample Summary
  • Key Themes
  • It’s a Given: Personalization Must Be In Play
  • Personalization is Critical Across Every Touch Point
  • Cross-Channel Efforts Pay Off Online and In-Store
  • Reflections on Personalization



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