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Based on our 20-year indexing track record, the e-tailing group is working in conjunction with B2C Partners, an ecommerce management consulting firm for traditional retailers and brand manufacturers, to develop an omni-channel index and research knowledge base.

Research Goal

The goal of this research will be to provide a “consumer facing” evaluation of shopping experiences along with a methodology for retailers to assess their performance via a series of tools created by the e-tailing group, pioneers of mystery shopping online.   This inaugural survey will become an annual vehicle to measure changing consumer behavior in the omnichannel shopping world. We will complement this with in-store experiences where a 30-store index of omnichannel shopping will be made available in the coming months.

Research Components

Consumer Research Survey

A 15-question online consumer survey of 1106 shoppers was completed in March, 2015. Respondents were evenly split by gender, had made shopping purchases both online and in a physical store in the past 6 months and owned a smartphone.

Survey Topics

    • Cross Channel Consistency
    • Inventory Transparency
    • Cross-channel Information Access
    • In-Store Use of Technology


B2C Partners

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