Make It Visual: Online Shopper Preferences For Rich Media

White Paper


Rich media like video, spin photography, interactive video, walkthroughs, and more are the future of online commerce. Says who? Your shoppers. To find out what shoppers think about visual content, we surveyed over 1,000 consumers to learn about their preferences for visual content while shopping online.

The results were overwhelmingly positive. Shoppers of all ages, incomes and spending levels want video and interactive content as a part of their online shopping experience. Nearly 9 in 10 consumers agree that shopping online is both more efficient and more effective with visuals beyond product photography.

What’s Included:

Consumers Crave Visual Content

  1. The Product Page is the Most Important Place for Visual Content
  2. Spin is More Helpful than Photography
  3. Wanted: Visual Content for High Consideration Categories
  4. Two in Three Shoppers Would Rather Use Visual Content than Interact with Customer Service
  5. Consumers Want Visual Content on Mobile

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