Retail Advertising Report Card

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Is Your Digital Marketing Making The Grade? These days, everyone is an omnichannel consumer. They shop in stores, online and on our phones, gathering information across multiple channels before making a purchase.

But even as marketers respond by pouring money into digital channels, they continue to earn poor grades from potential customers.

To score high with omnichannel consumers, marketers must find a way to stay connected to and speak consistently to them as they journey across channels.

Research Objective and Methodology

Surveyed 1000 consumers (50% female, 50% male) in April, 2015. All participants owned smartphones, spent at least $250 online, made online purchases at least 4 times a year, and completed a 25-question survey.


  • Tie online behavior to offline results
  • Master the new fundamentals
  • Accurately link digital behavior to offline activity
  • Pass the marketing speed test
  • Mobile matters
  • Score high with customer-relevant marketing

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