Hitting the High Notes: Learn What Consumers and Retailers are Expecting This Holiday

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Retailers understand both the opportunity and the urgency that comes with the 4th Quarter. While sales volume is always unprecedented, consumers have more choice than ever before. Survival depends on being able to strum the right chords and hit the high notes in order that your brand meets desired selection criteria and to get picked as a favored retailer.

Reflections from this year’s robust research study, sponsored by MarketLive, center around the shopper. Heightened expectations are seen from a convenience and logistics point of view in order to compete as same day delivery and overnight options become the new normal. Mobile matters more than ever where stronger user experiences and better access via inventory transparency find smartphones serving as the connector to the physical store. The store experience continues to evolve as shoppers connect prior to and during store visits to gather information, price compare and purchase based on an ever-changing set of needs. Social has certainly made strides as 1 in 4 shoppers report making a purchase via this channel.

Engaging the shopper requires a unique ability to merchandise smart, present sophisticated gifting scenarios, while always maintaining superior service standards. Omnichannel access is an expectation for brick and mortar retailers and one that can serve as a point of differentiation in a world where our research indicates that the majority of shoppers will spend at least ¼ of their holiday budget with Amazon.

Research Objective and Methodology

Gain the consumer perspective regarding gift buying behavior, store selection criteria, the impact of mobile from a purchasing and store traffic perspective along with social’s evolving role in shopping

1,027 consumers completed an online questionnaire in September 2015

  • 51% female/49% male
  • Shopped online 4 or more times in the past year spending $250 or more
  • 100% owned a smartphone


To elevate your holiday selling, the e-tailing group in conjunction with MarketLive shares the highlights from our 7th Annual Holiday Research study. After an extensive review of sites and selling techniques we ultimately selected 25 notes that retailers should attempt to hit to optimize your holiday season. Our focus is on 5 key areas.

A. Get Picked: Survival of the Fittest
B. Ready the Channels
C. Circle the Critical Holidays
D. Winning Gifting Tactics are Mandatory to Make the Numbers
E. High Notes to Sing Holiday Sales

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