Comparison Shopping is a Way of Life Onsite Comparative Pricing (OCP) Paves the Way for Convenient and Confident Shopping

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Press ReleasE 09.09.09


In August 2009 an online questionnaire was completed by 1,025 adults (51% female/49% male) who shopped online four or more times during the past year; spending over $500. The findings examine three critical components of comparison shopping:

  1. How invested consumers are in shopping around prior to purchase, including time spent and sites visited as part of their typical online shopping behavior
  2. How valuable an Onsite Comparative Pricing (OCP) tool would be and its impact on merchant selection
  3. Loyalty based on making such an application part of one’s everyday shopping behavior

Additionally, readers will find a showcase of OCP examples and decision-making tools for assessing one’s comparison shopping needs as well as exploration of build vs. buy models.

What’s Included:

  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Research Findings
  • Merchant Showcase
  • Q/A To Size Up Comparison Shopping Needs
  • Build Vs. Buy Decision-Making Grid
  • Company Profiles



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