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Website Features That Influence Shoppers: 10 Indicators And 3 Lessons

According to an October 2011 survey by the e-tailing group, an organization that studies online retail trends, shoppers are influenced by 10 key website features: shipping, returns, sales, coupons, discounts, rewards, time-sensitive deals, bulk savings, and bonus with purchase

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The Keys to Online Sales: Search Results, Localization and Free Shipping

Online shoppers increasingly look to search results and local product availability when considering purchases, according to a new report from research and advisory firm The E-tailing Group Inc..

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How E-Retailers Can Have a Merry Holiday Season

Online retailers can find it tough to offer lower prices and free shipping when margins are slim, but experts say e-retailers who refine their online marketing tactics may experience a very merry holiday season without giving away the store.

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