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Study: Half of consumers spend more with personalized experience

53% of consumers said it’s also important that retailers recognize them as the same person across all channels and devices they use to shop.

Mobile chat: Role Grows in Creating Seamless Holiday Shopping

“Shoppers who prefer chat will wish to use it in every channel,” said Lauren Freedman, president of the Chicago-based e-tailing group. “The bigger challenge is finding retailers who make it available.

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QVC, eBags and Foot Locker Offer the Best m-commerce Sites

“At the end of the day, it’s about speed, a user experience tailored to the device in hand, and a well-merchandised shopping visit,” emphasizes Freedman.

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More Than Half Of Retailers Investing In Responsive Design: E-Tailing Group

Her firm’s two-month study of 50 retailers and mobile consumer shopping habits showed that putting together a mobile commerce strategy that is both efficient and uses information to boost a customer’s transaction-making confidence is harder to do than it looks.

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Many E-Retailers Keep Customer Relationship Management In-House Even As Online Shoppers Connect With Them In More Ways.

Whatever retailers think the phrase means, they are prepared to put money into it, suggests an April report from The E-tailing Group Inc. that drew upon survey responses from 108 e-commerce executives. 27% of respondents plan “significant” investments in “big data or related CRM initiatives” in 2014, the e-commerce consultancy says.

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Study: Personalization Pushes More Purchases

Our research shows that the majority of consumers want to be recognized across devices and realize that they buy more with cross-channel personalization.

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Majority of Shoppers Want Cross-Channel Personalization-Survey

Most respondents (83%) saw value in personalization across mobile devices. However only 23% said they thought retailers did a good job of personalization.

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Does Enhanced Content Matter in e-tailing group’s Customer Experience Index

The product page is the most crucial point of the shopping experience and I think it deserves more TLC in terms of everything from the copy to the imagery to the rich media that supports it.

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L.L. Bean Takes Top 2013 Online Customer Experience Ranking

A key page analysis of the five fundamental site pages retailed that HSN, L.L. Bean and Staples came close to perfection as their key page total well surpassed the 18.8 average where all scored 21.75 or above.

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Do You Know What You’re Getting From Discount Websites

In tighter inventory times it gives them a chance to maybe sell a range of goods that’s a little bit broader, and I think there’s an opportunity to that potentially some of the product could be great product.

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