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Year Round Multi-Channel Gifting Report

The aim of this report is to help merchants capitalize on gifting opportunities by creating or improving cross-channel gifting experiences beyond the traditional 4Q holiday burst. This comprehensive, 40-page study includes key findings, checklists, and best-in-class examples from the perspective of both the merchant and the registrant. From information-gathering though post-order communication, our focus is on details and requirements to execute an exemplary experience that meets the needs of today’s multi-channel shopper.

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Gift Registries Miss the Mark on Customer Courtship

Posted on November 24th, 2009 by

Our Mystery Shoppers recently turned their focus to gift registries, living the process both online and off at 25 stores and on 26 websites with bridal, baby and/or general gift registries. While compiling their experiences into a report (available for pre-order to download February 2010), I was astounded to learn how many merchants are “leaving the bride after the honeymoon.”

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