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9 Ways to Create a Successful Multichannel Customer Experience

Integrate online reviews (and other user-generated content) into your in-store signage to heighten consumer interest

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Retailers Hone in on Ship-to-Store to Fuel Mobile Investments

“I think it’s finally here on the ship to store factor particularly with Target making their announcement. More retailers are making their inventory transparent, so we can only expect in-store pickup to follow suit.”

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Cross-Channel Research & Shopping

Our goal was to examine the nuances of how merchants enable shoppers to efficiently integrate web and store channels for information as well as purchasing by understanding the winning tactics and treatments germane to each of these experiences.

* Over 115 features ranking the e-tailing group’s experiences in the distinct channels
* 36 examples of online best practices including execution strengths and limitations
* 9 checklists as a guideline for merchant implementation

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