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Digital Buyers Still Want Physical Stores

The most popular responses focused on ways the in-store experience could enhance digital: For example, 84% said they liked combining the efficiency of digital with the tangibility of retail stores. – See more at:

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Store service with a smile (and a touch of web and mobile technology)

While some industry pundits and retailers once perceived stores to be a liability, stores are now at the core of retailers’ omnichannel vision. But for those plans to come to fruition, retailers need to make important choices about the services they offer, the underpinning technology that supports shoppers’ needs, and the technology they can use in stores to foster a superior shopping experience

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From Digital to In-Store: Firing on All Cylinders to Serve Consumers

Every shopper shops differently and you don’t know what stage of their shopping they’re in so you have to hit them from every angle.

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Study: Half of consumers spend more with personalized experience

53% of consumers said it’s also important that retailers recognize them as the same person across all channels and devices they use to shop.

Redefining Omnichannel: Put the Consumer at the Center

A recent MyBuys and e-tailing group survey found that 52% of shoppers realize they buy more with cross-channel personalization

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Back-To-School Spend Trends: Sales, Social Media And Starting Early

“With increased competition, retailers now have a smaller margin for error and must be certain that their promotional initiatives are well-tailored to their target consumers,”

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Just 1% of Retailers’ Traffic Originating From Social Media

The result of social sales was even smaller with 43% of retailers saying less than 1% of shoppers who arrived at their retail site via social media and networkds spent money during that visit

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