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From Digital to In-Store: Firing on All Cylinders to Serve Consumers

Every shopper shops differently and you don’t know what stage of their shopping they’re in so you have to hit them from every angle.

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Study: Half of consumers spend more with personalized experience

53% of consumers said it’s also important that retailers recognize them as the same person across all channels and devices they use to shop.

Redefining Omnichannel: Put the Consumer at the Center

A recent MyBuys and e-tailing group survey found that 52% of shoppers realize they buy more with cross-channel personalization

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How Do Product Recommendations Influence Buyer Behavior?

77% of online shoppers admit to have made additional purchases based on personalized product recommendations

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Building Customer Loyalty Through Technology

MyBuys and the E-tailing Group found that marketers note email as the channel for which dynamic personalized content is most important, with 80 percent rating it “highly important.”

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Personal and mobile: E-retailers map out their investment plans

35% of e-commerce executives plan to invest in creating a “seamless shopping experience” across stores, web and mobile

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Study: Personalization Pushes More Purchases

Our research shows that the majority of consumers want to be recognized across devices and realize that they buy more with cross-channel personalization.

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Majority of Shoppers Want Cross-Channel Personalization-Survey

Most respondents (83%) saw value in personalization across mobile devices. However only 23% said they thought retailers did a good job of personalization.

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The Direct Marketing Competitive Edge: How to Establish & Keep It

Survey results from MyBuys and the e-Tailing Group highlight the effects of personalized messages on online shoppers’ purchasing decisions. The survey shows 40% of consumers agree they buy more from retailers who personalize messages across all channels.

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Gap Will Try A Variation of Order Online and Pick Up In Store

Gap’s move is a sensible one, says Lauren Freedman, president of the E-tailing Group Inc., an e-commerce research and consulting firm. “It drives customers to the stores and has the product ready, so it’s a great convenience for the shopper,” Freedman says. “They’re likely to buy incremental product.”

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