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Mobile Holiday Commerce Continues To Rise, But Lags Behind Search, Research

More consumers will rely on smartphones and tablets to research products on search engines and Web sites before making a purchase. In fact, 70% will likely research the gifts on their smartphones they find in retail stores, and 56% are likely to reserve products from their smartphones for pick-up in the store.

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New Study Reveals Consumers Are “Uninspired” by Online Shopping

I think that a lot of consumers want to be in control of their own experiences. What we saw in the research was that if they’re able to discover it their way versus having to follow the way of the on-site search engines, it’s a lot more appealing to them.”

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Mobile Shopping Research Jumps To 73%, Purchases Follow

Product shopping research via smartphone rose from 34% in 2012 to 73% in 2013, per the Local study conducted by the e-tailing group.

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