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Merchants up Investment in Mobile as Traffic, Revenue Grow

Twice as many merchants plan to invest $100,000 or more in mobile this year versus last year, according to a new report from the e-tailing group.

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Retailers’ M-Commerce Investments, Traffic and Revenue Are Up Considerably

11% of retailers will invest $201,000 or more in mobile commerce this year compared with 8% in 2011. And 19% will invest $101,000 to $200,000 this year compared with 8% last year.

These are among the findings of a new survey from research and advisory firm The E-tailing Group Inc.

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How Will Tablets Affect eCommerce?

Consumers are more likely to purchase online with tablets compared to smartphones: In a recent study conducted by The E-tailing Group consumers were 20% more likely to make purchases online using tablet devices compared to smartphones.

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1 in 10 Tablet Owners Buy or Browse Online Every Day

The e-tailing group recently released a study of the online buying habits of mobile consumers. “The Shopping Mindset of a Mobile Consumer” is based on a February survey of 1,000 owners of smartphones and/or tablets, who each spend upwards of $250 online yearly.

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Tablet Owners Make More Online Purchases than Smartphone Owners

“Shoppers browsing a mobile commerce site on a tablet, such as an iPad, are more likely to make a purchase than those shopping via a smartphone, finds new research from The E-tailing Group Inc.”

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