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“in-the-trenches” ecommerce merchandising experts

Merchandising Specialists

Since Lauren Freedman founded the
e-tailing group in 1993 we have positioned our services as niche, cross-channel, ecommerce consultants that clearly understand shopping in any channel; skillfully mastering the art and the science of ecommerce merchandising with a merchant’s sensibility.

Sought out by the Best Merchants and Marketers

We have evolved our consulting business to help merchants deliver the right customer experience on their websites and across all of their channels while adeptly assisting technology companies to create and execute go-to-market strategies that simultaneously educate the retail community and deliver cost-effective lead generation.

Sound Thinking

We support all our recommendations with facts derived from our Annual Mystery Shopping and Merchant Surveys along with consumer research on behalf of our clients. Our comprehensive ecommerce best practices archive of industry benchmarks and category performance indicators is one-of-a-kind in the industry; powering ecommerce merchandising prioritization and road mapping of actionable selling strategies.

Rock Solid Execution

Our clients would be the first to say we over-deliver. Our small size, straight talking sensibility,
hands-on attention to detail, and results-oriented approach allow us to be responsive and quickly turnaround projects. Our industry connections in ecommerce ensure that we incorporate the most current business scenarios into all of our project work. Client confidence, repeat engagements and referrals fuel our consulting business.

Our Experienced Team

Four seasoned retail pros apply
hands-on, real world retail experience to ecommerce solutions:
Lauren Freedman
Lynn Pregont
Kylee Magno
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Our Satisfied Clients

We strive to underpromise and overdeliver where client referrals are standard fare. View Client List

Lauren Freedman is our merchandising diva.  We absolutely relish her advice.  She has a unique knack for being both brutally honest yet charmingly sweet.  When she gives us advice, our reaction is “how fast can we make this change?” not “gee, is she right?” 

Ken Crites
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters